Guide to California Cannabis Applications

Helping you navigate the jungle of California Cannabis Regulations | taught by Simone Cimiluca-Radzins, CPA
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Simone  Cimiluca-Radzins, CPA
Simone Cimiluca-Radzins, CPA
Business Strategist, CPA, and Idea Generator

About the instructor

My expertise is in business strategy, finance, risk management, and business process improvement. I have improved business operations for hundreds of clients around the world. With a background in Big 4 public accounting and international consulting for Fortune 500 companies, I’ve lived and worked in Spain and France and has assisted clients throughout Latin America, Western and Northern Europe, and the Asia Pacific region.

I connect, teach, lead, and inspire entrepreneurs, startups, and rapidly growing companies around the world. I am the CEO of Kalogia, a global network that matches, educates, and promotes cannabis professionals and businesses. I have spoken about cannabis business on National Public Radio (NPR); have lectured on the US cannabis economy in Prague and Costa Rica, created and led the Cannabis Women’s Empowerment Summit, and have given multiple talks at industry events.

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Thinking about applying for a cannabis license in California, but not sure where to start?  I'm here to help guide you through the process from the application process--> license --> operational --> revenue generating.  

Obtaining a local and state license isn't as easy as you think it might be  - you're required to submit a business plan, standard operating procedures related to inventory, security, quality assurance, in addition to a complex dossier of ownership, financial, and operational data. You will have to work with lawyers, CPAs, architects, and a whole entourage of consultants.

This monthly training will give you guidance and affordable tools to make the application process less costly for you, while also building in a corporate governance into your business. The training will give you more control over the entire application, launch, and operational process.  

What does Membership Include:

  • Instant access to a California Cannabis Application cheat sheet
  • Overview of key emerging market regulations that affect your business (packaging requirements, lab testing, security requirements, and record requirements)
  • Lifetime access to this content (I will update it as the legislation changes)
  • Information on the current California requirements (updated on a monthly basis)
  • Monthly webinars (on the second Wednesday of each month) to provide you with up to date information at the state level. All webinars are recorded and accessible with membership.
  • Downloadable worksheets to help you in your business
  • Access to the cannabis business bootcamp facebook group
What membership does not include:
  • Guarantees of obtaining any license (local or state)
  • Legal advise It is highly recommended that you consult with an attorney and expert prior to submitting an application to the state, as the laws continue to change (and I am not a lawyer and cannot give you legal advice). 

Course Contents

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